The Benefits of Porcelain Floor Tiles From Eco Depot Ceramic Montreal

Embarking on a home renovation project will demand that many
decisions be made, including what kind of tile you wish to install. There are several options — ceramic, glass, granite, or marble — but one emerges as obviously superior. Indeed, porcelain floor tiles are the tile of choice for bathroom and kitchen renovations in Montreal. Find out why this material is different — and better — than other types of tiles.

Why Porcelain Floor Tiles Are Different

According to research, porcelain tile sales are likely to rise thanks to their incredible durability. The material has long been a mainstay in high-traffic commercial structures such as hotels, malls, and offices. Consumers are discovering that porcelain floor tiles are ideal for residential applications, too, because of their resistance to wear and tear, water damage, and chemical compromise.

Several unique features contribute to this resistance, but porcelain’s durability is largely thanks to its coarse clay construction.

Installing Porcelain Tiles in the Bathroom and Kitchen

The nonporosity of porcelain floor tiles makes them the functional choice for any home renovation project. If installed correctly, these tiles can resist mold and mildew indefinitely. This is advantageous in bathroom and kitchen renovations, where prolonged exposure to airborne moisture could easily cause damage to more susceptible materials.

The utility of porcelain is not its only appeal, though. Aesthetically inclined buyers will also gravitate to this material and the array of design options that are available. Popular selections include rectangular subway tiles, which reflect light to brighten up a room. You can also choose from a selection of ornate geometric shapes, which can create a beautiful pattern on any floor or wall. There is a porcelain tile style for nearly every design sensibility.

The only thing better than beauty is longevity — and with porcelain floor tiles, you can have both. Some sources say that porcelain tiles last up to 60 years, while others report that certain selections may even last a lifetime. Given the timeless appeal that porcelain holds, this makes it one of the best investments available for upgrading your home.

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