Take Advantage Of Glass Mosaic

glass mosaic tileOne of the challenges in designing a room is thinking through what it will be like to maintain it once your project is complete. People who enjoy color and pattern with depth and luminosity love glass mosaics on a wall or backsplash because it gives you the things you crave without adding to the things you clean.

This happens because the beauty of color, shimmer, etc. is plunged beneath a clear thick glass in the tile, making it indifferent to things like grease, dirt, and soap scum. Those things will sit on the surface to be cleaned off, and nothing sinks into the tile as long as the glass is intact. Glass can be scratched, so cleaning methods should be appropriate, but overall, this tile gives the advantage of easy maintenance plus color and pattern without having a lot of accessories to dust.

Even a touch of glass mosaic tile in the form of a border or broad stripe running through the middle of a backsplash can be a wonderful way to add multicolored touches to a solid wall. Any of the colors can be brought out with other things in the room, and new looks can be pulled from the same background.

Glass mosaic wall and floor tile has to be seen to be appreciated. Come into the showrooms at any of the Éco Dépôt locations and look at the colors and patterns that can be yours. Ask our expert advisors about the suitability of your favorite in the location you are thinking of and get tips on installation and maintenance. You will be glad you took advantage of glass mosaic’s easy maintenance.