Beat The Summer Heat With Natural Stone Outdoor Tiles

Natural stone tiles perfect for outdoor settingsSummer can be uncomfortably warm, however, once you get under cover, the heat can be bearable – enjoyable even. This is especially true in the late afternoon as the air temperature starts to drop. One of the downfalls of bricks, sand and gravel is their ability to absorb and retain heat. This makes walking on these surfaces quite uncomfortable at times and can help to increase ambient temperatures when the surrounding areas are losing heat. Natural stone patio tiles can help to alleviate this problem.

Install natural stone tiles – and granite floor tiles are a good example – then watch your pets. They’ll make a bee-line for these tiles when the air temperature is quite warm. Why? Natural stone tiles don’t absorb heat as much as many other materials, particularly from the air (they will warm up if in direct sunlight). Walk across these tiles on the hottest days and you’ll immediately feel their coolness in your feet. Pets are no different, they know where the coolest areas are, and a natural stone tile patio will be one of the coolest areas outdoors.

Natural stone tiles can be used anywhere outdoors. As patio flooring, as wall tiles, or as tiles in and around swimming pools. Granite tiles are durable and relatively water-resistant. Slate floor tiles are water-resistant, anti-slip, and also remain very cool underfoot. If you want the best water resistance, then manufactured tiles in the form of porcelain and ceramic are your best choice. They too will remain cool underfoot and can be found with anti-slip finishes.

If you are looking for an outdoor flooring option that will remain cool during the heat of the day, then take a close look at natural stone tiles. The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you find the most appropriate tiles for your environment. They can also help you plan your project, ensuring your outdoor tile floor looks great, performs to the standards you are looking for, and is durable enough to last for many years.