Stuck For Ideas On Your Kitchen Remodel?

kitchen remodeling tileSometimes all the pictures on the internet don’t help when you are trying to figure out how to remodel a kitchen because you can’t envision what it will look like in your home. More importantly, you need to envision how it will function in your home; this is where you can start coming up with ideas.

Make a list of how you currently use your kitchen, the things you like and the things you don’t like. Now take each item on your list and figure out why you feel that way.

Reducing your wish list to the most basic ideas expands the possibilities for solutions. Here’s an example:

In the summer, our garden produces a lot of vegetables and we try to can them for the winter but the piles of produce, the dirt tracked in, the canning equipment, and the heat overwhelm the kitchen. This is how we use the kitchen, and the problems we run into. What can we do?

This homeowner needs extra counter space for the harvest, another sink to wash veggies and dirty hands, possibly an extra refrigerator drawer for holding produce until processing, good ventilation at the stove, and easily accessed space for storing canning supplies as well as the storage space for the jars once they are full. They also need surfaces that clean up easily after spills and mud.

Some homes will have space for a mini-kitchen canning center near the door closest to the garden. Others might need to accommodate this activity in the main kitchen and choose to concentrate an extra sink, refrigerator drawer, and storage in an island with seating so many can help. At the same time, they will want to upgrade the ventilation hood above the stove to keep everyone comfortable.

Tile is a great surface for hard-working kitchens because it cleans up easily. This is why you see tile in commercial kitchens. At Éco Dépôt you will find the best selection of kitchen wall and floor tiles in Montreal. Come into the showroom and see what the tile you are thinking of is like in real life. This will give you a realistic idea of how you will like it in your kitchen. If it doesn’t please you, look around at the many alternatives. You will find one that works perfectly in the kitchen you create.