Strong And Durable Restaurant Floor Tiles

Hard wearing restaurant floor tilesRestaurant floors need to be durable, especially in the kitchen areas. In most restaurants, the kitchen is small in comparison to the dining area, yet it is the busiest zone. Kitchen workers don’t just constantly move around in the kitchen. They frequently drop things, including food stuffs, and this can be ground down as they walk around. The best flooring is a hard-wearing tile like granite or porcelain – they will cope with this treatment with little sign of wear and tear.

More importantly, hard floor tiles are easy to clean. You can use stronger cleaning solutions on porcelain tile floors to disinfect or you can use the chemical free steam option. Both will produce a sparkling clean hygienic floor that is ready for use again. More importantly, it will continue to deliver that finish for many years.

The same results are obtained in dining areas. These areas don’t receive quite the same punishment as a kitchen, however, you do want a clean hygienic floor for your diners – after all, impressions are important. Restaurant floors also need to be water and slip resistant, both for safety and longevity. Porcelain floor tiles are inert, so they won’t absorb stains and odors, nor will they leach toxic chemicals.

Porcelain tiles are created using natural materials like clay and sand. These are compressed under high heat to form a tile that meets all the requirements of a restaurant yet still look great. As an added bonus, the materials used are environmentally friendly – they exist in nature all around us.

If you are planning a new restaurant, then consider porcelain as the great all-round restaurant floor tile. Better yet, talk to a tile specialist about the options available to you. Porcelain tiles come in a range of colors and textured finishes – there’s sure to be one that suits your restaurant’s decor. Talk to a specialist at Éco Dépôt and they’ll guide you through your restaurant floor tile options.