The Story Of Your Granite Tile

granite floor tileThe granite tile you choose from Éco Dépôt has a story; the plot line moves from the earth’s formation to the quarry to the showroom and finally to your home.

The prologue of this story happens deep within the Earth as the granite is formed over untold time. Its grainy strength is made up of crystalline structures pushed into crevices in the Earth’s crust as magma, slowly cooling into igneous rock in distributions as deep as 50km.

Then, in the first chapter, geologists search for the granite deposits by taking core samples of outcroppings and drillings to find suitable stone for building. The samples are tested and polished to see how a tile or countertop will eventually look. After that, the individual story of each quarry is told in the procuring of land and permissions to begin getting that granite out of the ground.

Granite has a grain, similar to wood. If a natural or man-made fissure is widened, it will split along a definite line. It must be cut across that grain.  Vein cut or cross cut will produce different looks in the final product. Blasting will shatter the stone, so it is carefully worked along its grain to separate it into large blocks using the technique best for that location. These blocks are usually transported to a processing facility.

In the second chapter, the processing facility will take that huge block of granite and carefully cut it into smaller pieces designed to make the processing efficient. For tile, that generally means it is cut into long strips to be polished with diamond abrasives that begin with a coarse grade and gradually are made finer until the final desired finish is obtained. Often granite will also be treated with a resin that is mostly removed in the polishing process but stays in fine crevices to make it easier to clean. Tile is cut into size, sometimes beveled, and carefully packed for the next step in its journey.

That next step is arrival at the Éco Dépôt showroom in Montreal. Here, granite tile flooring is displayed with other quality materials for residential and commercial customers to examine and select. Highly trained specialists on staff are available to answer questions, and the stage is set for the final chapter in this story.

Every installation has an account of the process, each individual to the site. But the result is a floor that holds up to all the stories played out on its surface over years of use. The telling of those stories is up to you.