Start Here If You’re Looking For Residential Floor Coverings

Wall and floor tiles in a bathroom settingWhen building a new home, or perhaps renovating an old home, one of the questions you’ll ask yourself is what to put down as floor coverings. There are so many different types of floor coverings available, ranging from natural timber through linoleum, carpets and on to natural stone or manufactured floor tiles. That range can confuse the issue somewhat, although most people do have preferences, often built up from childhood and early home ownership.

Each floor covering has its advantages and disadvantages, so personal preference can be a valid reason for selecting one type over another. In most homes, there is a mix of floor coverings – for example, carpets in living areas, tiles in bathrooms, and vinyl or linoleum in kitchens. Floor tiles can actually be used in every room in the home, and also for outdoor areas such as patios.

We would certainly suggest you consider floor tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and main walkways such as hallways. There is a wide range of floor tiles available that will suit these areas with the most popular being porcelain tiles. Granite floor tiles are also popular in kitchens whilst slate tiles often find a place in bathrooms and laundries, mainly because of slate’s natural anti-slip properties.

With such a wide range of options to choose from, one of the best places to start is one of our three Montreal tile showrooms. There, you can see tiles showcased in settings that are similar to that of the home. Our tile experts can help you design your floor space, selecting the most appropriate tiles for that space, and providing valuable information on installation and maintenance of your selected tiles. Once you have found the right tiles for your kitchen, bathroom, hallway and perhaps outdoor areas, it becomes easy to select floor coverings for the remaining rooms.