Split Face Travertine In The Office? Sure!

travertine wall tileOne of the most attractive, rugged wall tiles around is split face travertine. The varied thicknesses and random contours of the stone create a unique wall that looks like it was hewn instead of installed. In an office lobby, that wall can be a stunning backdrop for your business logo and provide an ambiance that combines the solid sense of the rock with the modern edge of the look.

Size matters with split face walls

The size of split face travertine tile will make a big difference in what the finished wall looks like. Narrow rectangles create a vastly different texture than larger tiles so look at sample walls before you decide on the tile you like.

Light and shadow change the look of split face walls

Another factor in the appearance of a split faced wall is lighting. Many will opt for highlighting their walls from an angle to emphasize the contours with the shadows cast by the light source. Make sure your installation will be lighted appropriately for maximum effect.

Split face walls make a bold statement

Many times, a split face travertine wall is used as an accent in contrast to polished stone tiles or even glass mosaic. The contrast between smooth, shiny surfaces and the rugged stone can be used to emphasize the features you want visitors to see; your logo, the help desk, or whatever you choose.

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