Do You Need Slip Resistance Floor Tiles?

There are a number of slip resistant floor tiles to chose from for your bathroomIf you have a young family, or perhaps you’re getting a little older, and you are worried about slippery floor tiles in bathrooms and kitchens, then you may consider installing slip resistance floor tiles. These tiles are either naturally slip-resistant – for example, slate tiles – or tiles that have been made slip-resistant either by adding texture or by adding grit during their manufacturing. There are several positives to using slip-resistant floor tiles, however, there are also several negatives that should be considered.

The major positive is of course the slip resistance that these tiles offer. There is a feeling of security when you step out of a bath or shower and your feet stay put. Glossy tiles can be quite slippery underfoot – they don’t just cause accidents, they leave some people feeling very insecure and worried with each step they take. Children are fearless and will run, even with wet feet, on a slippery floor. Given a chance, they’ll turn it into a game, often with unpleasant results.

On the downside, slip-resistant tiles can be harder to clean. The finish that provides that non-slip capacity can store dirt and soap scum. You may find that you’re forced into really scrubbing those tiles to get that dirt out. At the same time, that build up of dirt and grime can cause the tiles to become slippery again.

A popular alternative is to use floor tiles that are not necessarily rated as slip-resistant yet do offer some resistance. At the same time, the use of non-slip floor mats creates the security that people require, especially in bathrooms. Floor mats can be washed and hung up out of the way, leaving your bathroom looking great with a tiled floor that is easy to keep clean but never needing harsh chemicals or scrubbing.

If you need a non-slip floor tile, then come and talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt first. We can help you select the most appropriate floor tile for your situation.