Slate Tiles For A Rustic Indoor Outdoor Tiled Floor

Such a wide range of colors in slate tilesSlate floor tiles fit into the ‘trendy’ category. Their popularity waxes and wanes over time, however, once installed they never look out of place.

Slate floor tiles have a real earthy look with rustic colors that range from gray through to yellow and on to dark reds. You can also find slate floor tiles in shades of green, often with streaks of yellow or red peering through. Whilst slate is a popular flooring tile, there are many other uses for this natural stone product.

Wall features using slate tiles are popular in commercial settings, particularly office, retail and restaurants. You can achieve a great feature wall in the home using slate tiles, and they make a great backdrop to an outdoor entertainment area, particularly around barbecue areas (both on the floor and on the wall). Combine the natural stone look of slate with water features and you can create a stunning feature area.

Indoors, slate tiles add to the warming look that a fireplace delivers to a room – and the tiles cope well with any heat that emanates from that fireplace. Because of slate’s natural anti-slip properties, this tile is perfect for use in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and even basements.

Natural stone floor tiles can be expensive, however, slate is one of the cheaper options, and considering the ease of care and low ongoing maintenance costs, it delivers real value dollar for dollar compared to many any other floor covering options.

Slate tiles are also easy to work with so they are the ideal tile for those who want to do the installation themselves – further cutting costs. Visit Éco Dépôt to see a wide range of different slate tile types – you’ll be excited by the possibilites.