Slate Tiles Tick All The Right Boxes

Slate tiles are very popular for home ownersWhen you consider the requirements that many home owners have for a suitable tile floor, slate tiles are possibly the one type of tile that ticks every box. Easy maintenance, anti-slip, water resistance, natural beauty, durability, wide design, color choice, and easy decor coordination? Yes, slate tiles tick each and every one of those factors.

Slate tiles have traditionally been used in bathrooms and kitchens, however, they are now being used in many other areas including laundries, outdoor patios, around swimming pools, and in children’s play areas. Slate tiles remain cool to the touch, even in hot weather. Slate tiles handle weather extremes – let’s face it, they have done so for thousands, if not millions of years, before being quarried and cut into tiles.

The easy decor coordination is one area that most people don’t think about early in their tile selection processes. Slate tiles have that ‘all-world’ look – they look great in modern brightly colored kitchens, for example, and yet are equally at home in rustic earthy type kitchens. In children’s playrooms, they take much of the punishment that children hand out, and even if little chips are taken out of the top of the tile, it hardly makes any difference to the overall look – slate tiles already have that rough cut look. It’s that finish that makes them anti-slip.

When looking for slate tiles, be sure to look for good quality tiles. These tiles will last for decades with minimal maintenance, always looking fresh and clean. Éco Dépôt has a wide range of good quality slate tiles for you to select from. We can also provide advice on how to transport them, install them, and maintain them.