Slate Tiles The Most Versatile For Home Renovators

Slate floor tiles are one of the most versatile tiles available to home renovatorsOne of the most versatile floor tiles available to home renovators are those made from slate. To begin with, slate floor tiles have natural properties that make them ideal for any room. They are durable, are naturally non-slip, and perform in wet, dry, indoor or outdoor areas.

Slate floor tiles are a perfect option for bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms are wet areas so non-slip tiles are almost essential. Slate performs this function well, and because they don’t absorb water they can be easily cleaned and dried.

In kitchens, slate floor tiles are hardy and will withstand the impact of anything dropped on them. Like your bathroom, a kitchen can become slippery if the right tiles are not used, and slate is certainly one tile that helps to prevent slippage.

The most versatile use of slate floor tiles is for indoor/outdoor living areas. If you have a living area that extends to an outdoor patio, then slate floor tiles are perfect. You can use the same tile for both the inside and outside areas. This makes the indoor area look much larger than it is. Slate is also a good surface for rugs – the non-slip nature helps to prevent rugs from slipping around too much.

An experienced tile expert can help you select the most appropriate slate floor tile for your project. They can also provide advice on how to install your slate floor tiles, maintain them, and keep them looking like new. Éco Dépôt has one of the biggest ranges of tiles and our staff are highly trained across all tile types. If you have a flooring project that requires floor tiles, come and talk to us. It costs nothing yet it could save you thousands – at the same time, you’ll find the right tiles to complete your project.