Slate Tiles Provide A Real Earthy Experience

Slate tiles are durable and perfect for wet areas because of their non-slip nature.One of the benefits of natural stone tiles is the real earthy experience they provide. Granite and slate tiles are two good examples, each bringing a unique look and feel. Slate has been a popular tile choice for many years, particularly with those looking for a darker tile. Dark tiles tend to hide dirt – not that we want to hide dirt of course. However, white tiles can always look dirty since every grain of dirt or dust shows up very clearly.

Slate is particularly effective in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and outdoors due to its water-resistant and non-slip nature. Whilst slate tiles can be quite fragile in transit, once laid properly, they are very durable, easy to clean, and scratch and chip-resistant. For outside use, slate tiles can be used to great effect in areas that are often wet – for example, around pools. At the same time, slate is an effective floor covering in areas that receive a lot of sun – they stay amazingly cool, even in hot direct sunlight.

If you intend including underfloor heating, then slate is a perfect choice. Slate tiles are not affected by underfloor heating; in fact, they are one of the best materials to use because of their thermal abilities.

Whilst slate is generally dark in color, there are still a lot of different color variations and textures to choose from. Because slate is a natural stone, it’s almost impossible to find tiles that are exactly the same – each slate tile is unique and come together to make great flooring options.