Slate Tile Flooring For A Soft Subdued Relaxing Atmosphere

The color range of slate floor tilesIf you’re looking for a floor covering that will help to create a relaxed atmosphere, then you can’t go past slate tiles. Their earthy tones are soft and subdued, so they lend themselves very well to a relaxed atmosphere. Slate tile has many other advantages over other floor coverings, including durability and water resistance.

Slate tiles can be used in every room, particularly dining areas, outdoor patios and general living areas. Slate tiles are weather-resistant and hold up well in direct sunlight. In fact, slate tiles will often remain cool to the touch on the hottest day (although direct sunlight will eventually heat them up).

When it comes to color, slate tiles are available in a range from black/grey to pinks and browns, all in earthy hues. Slate tiles can also be obtained with colored veining, making for an interesting pattern and texture. Slate tile floors are easy to clean, and there’s little in the way of maintenance required, unlike many other floor coverings.

If you are looking for a floor covering that will help you create a relaxed atmosphere, then talk to one of our tile experts. They can help you sort through the range of floor tiles available, and I’m sure you’ll find that slate tiles are high on the list of options. Éco Dépôt has one of Montreal’s largest tile showrooms and has a huge range of tiles on display. Our tile experts can help you design your floor tile project, including tile selection, installation and ongoing maintenance.