Slate Tile: Too Beautiful To Be Natural

slate tile and natural beautySlate is a versatile floor tile. You can use it indoors or outdoors, making it one of the most enduring floor tiles on the market. It looks great in the kitchen, the bathroom, or on your outside patio.

Unlike other floor coverings, slate has a natural beauty to it that makes it look natural. The fact is, it is natural. There’s nothing fake to it. But you would think that as beautiful as it is that it would be man-made. Nevertheless, nature herself created this natural beauty, which man has been able to use for building structures for a long time.

With its rugged look, slate makes a perfect patio tile. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions and moisture, so it’s perfect for swimming pools, fountains, and other beautified areas.

Filled with quartz, mica, and chlorite, slate is perfect for bathroom tiling because it is durable and long-lasting.

Because of the way it is formed in the earth, slate has a natural beauty to it that makes it great for indoor use as well as outdoor use. As a type of metamorphic rock, it has strong qualities that make it hard to chip. It’s also easy to maintain. With slate, you get the best of all worlds – beauty, hardness, durability, and natural colors that will make any area (inside or outside) look good.