Slate Is Great In A Mudroom

slate mudroomMudrooms have a schizophrenic personality these days. You can find photographs of beautiful mudrooms designed with custom cabinetry, giving each family member a cubby for gear and a place for shoes under their own bench. You can find mudrooms designed for pet owners, with a spot for the dog’s leash and food along with a low tub for washing off dirty paws. Mudrooms are high-end back entries worthy of a magazine spread, but they remain a functional spot for the transition between the outdoor environment and the home inside.

The best mudrooms have specific spots for the real stuff the family dumps when they come in the door. There’s a home for all of it – cleats and soccer balls, skates and knee pads, gardening clogs and aprons all have a place to be stored for the next use. There’s often a laundry facility for dirty uniforms and sometimes a shower for sweaty bodies. The muddy boots and gritty sneakers come off here, and the sand gets dumped out on this floor.

Because this room is the hard-working kind, the floor needs to be equally hard-working. High quality slate is a good choice in a mudroom because the installed floor is durable and resistant to scratches from gritty soles. It is naturally slip-resistant since there is texture to the surface so even when wet, it isn’t going to be as slick as a smooth floor. It cleans up easily and will look good for generations.

Montreal’s climate means that a mudroom comes in quite handy most of the season, and the slate tile flooring for sale in our showrooms will be that high-quality flooring you need for a mudroom that works hard but still looks beautiful.