Slate Floor Tiles – Like Them Or Hate Them

Slate is just one of several popular natural stone floor tilesSlate floor tiles – either you like them or your don’t. However, some people have preconceived ideas about natural stone, especially slate, not realizing how versatile this floor tile is.

To begin with, slate is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as it is quite durable under most conditions. Slate is also naturally slip-resistant, and whilst not water proof, it does handle moisture reasonably well.

In the home, slate is suitable for use in bathrooms, kitchens, general living areas and outdoor entertainment areas. In bathrooms and kitchens, slate performs well as it is easily cleaned and delivers that important anti-slip property. In kitchens, slate can be used in a variety of areas including floors, walls and benchtops. Slate floor tiles are hardy and will withstand impacts from falling objects, although the tile may flake a little at the point of contact. Fortunately, this adds to the overall effect of the tile as it has an irregular surface.

The most versatile use of slate is in outdoor living areas such as patios. The only real problem with using slate outdoors is cold extremes. Water expands when it freezes, and if a little water does penetrate the tile, that freezing will causing flaking. However, as already mentioned, this does not cause unsightly damage. It will shorten the tile’s lifespan if it is exposed to regular freezing.

In general indoor living areas, slate floor tiles can be quite beneficial. If you like floor tiles with scattered floor rugs, then slate serves a dual purpose. It looks good, and its irregular non-slip surface helps to keep those rugs in place. They won’t slip around as much as they would on a glossy finish such as porcelain floor tile.

You can find more information on slate floor tiles through other slate tile-related articles on this blog and through our online tile showroom. You can also see our full range of slate tiles in any one of our three Montreal tile showrooms. Our tile experts can help you find the right slate tiles (or any other tile) for your next project.