Slate Floor Tiles – The Great Indoor-Outdoor All-Rounder

The wide range of slate floor tilesSlate floor tiles have both indoor and outdoor applications and could be considered some of the best floor tile all-rounders. Slate floor tiles have a real rustic earthy look and feel. Their colors are generally dark and quite vivid with a lot of variation. The most common slate floor tiles are gray in color, however, you can find green, yellow, and red hues. What you won’t find is a stack of identical tiles – each slate floor tile is unique in the color variations and veining.

When it comes to durability, slate floor tiles do have some issues concerning weather extremes. Ice can cause flaking of the surface, however, given slate’s overall texture, you won’t notice any flaking. All you’ll find are a few flakes here and there when you’re sweeping. Apart from weather extremes, slate floor tiles deliver a combination of durability and beauty. Slate floor tiles are easy to work with when it comes to installation, and maintenance is a breeze. They are some of the lowest maintenance floor tiles on the market.

Whilst slate tiles are commonly used for indoor and outdoor floors, they are a popular choice for other surfaces around the home, including walls, stair treads, fireplaces, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and as a shower floor. The natural anti-slip properties of slate tiles make them an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. When it comes to cost, slate floor tiles deliver one of the best cost-durability comparisons on the market – you get great durability (and beauty) for a relatively low cost.

If slate floor tiles appeal to you, then come and talk to us at Éco Dépôt. Our tile experts can help you design and select your next project, making the process as a smooth as possible. We also provide advice on the installation, cleaning and maintenance of slate floor tiles.