Slate Floor Tiles – Dark With An Earthy Touch

Slate tile floors are unique and with slates darker and more earthy colors, adds a touch of glamorThe trend in many homes and offices is to have floor tiles that are light in color with white tones being the most preferred. Think ceramic, porcelain, marble and even granite – they all tend to the lighter hues. The man-made ceramic and porcelain do have a wider range of colors, however, the preference is still towards the lighter versions. Slate floor tiles are completely different. Slate tends to be darker with rich reds through to dark greys being the norm.

Slate floor tiles bring a real earthy touch to a room. They are perfect for older style kitchens and bathrooms, and can add real character to living areas. Being a natural stone, slate tiles are also perfect for outdoor use. Slate also has a wonderful natural variation with no two tiles identical – there’s more variation in one slate tile than any other tile, and when laid out to create a floor, doesn’t become a repetition of the one pattern.

Slate flooring tiles are also:

  • naturally resistant to scratches and abrasions,
  • heat resistant, even under direct sunlight,
  • stain resistant,
  • slip resistant,
  • very low maintenance,
  • helps to lower cooling costs,
  • durable with a long life span

You can use slate flooring tiles in any room (or outdoor area) and in large living areas, look fantastic with rugs strategically placed. You get the easy cleaning properties of tile with the feel of carpet – where you want it. The one guarantee we can make is that every floor that is laid with slate tile is going to be unique – you’d never replicate the same patterns on another floor.

If you need advice on selecting, installing and/or maintaining a slate tile floor, then talk to one of our tile experts at Éco Dépôt. You can view our very extensive range of slate tiles as  we help you design your next flooring project.