One Simple Way To See If You Want Marble

marble tileAnyone considering marble as flooring tile has probably done some research and ended up with more questions than answers. Do you still want marble if it stains and etches? Is the sealing process going to be horrendous every time it needs it? How do you decide between polished or honed finishes?

Generally, the decision comes down to what you like. Some people want their tile to look like it did at the installation. Those folks will be the ones willing to go through the maintenance that marble requires to look pristine, and probably will want the highly polished finish as well.

Other homeowners love the patina of aged marble floors found in Europe. They will want their floor to take on that same look of history by allowing wear to show. A honed finish allows that wear to occur without as much contrast.

How To Tell If You Really Want Marble Tile

One simple way to see if you want marble is by coming in to the showrooms at Éco Dépôt to pick up a few samples. Take them home and subject them to all the expected spills and abuse you anticipate in that location. Clean off the spills in the realistic amount of time, too, because you know how long that spill might be there in real life. Marble doesn’t stain instantly so there’s a window of opportunity with most spills. Give the sample tile the whole force of your test situations.

Then see how that tile cleans up, and try doing some deep cleaning/resealing. There are products that do this in one step, so you can try out a small bottle. This simple test will let you see what your marble floor will probably look like in the high-traffic areas, and let you know what will be involved in restoring it.

Do you have questions about marble tile flooring? Éco Dépôt has decades of experience with all kinds of tile and can answer those questions with expertise.