Selecting The Right Restaurant Floor Tiles

Natural stone tiles are ideal for restaurant flooringMost people visit a restaurant at least once in a lifetime, even if it’s one of the fast food type restaurants. Whilst eating, have you ever given any consideration to the flooring used? Most people wouldn’t, yet that floor plays a very important role in the success or failure of the business. A poor choice in flooring won’t go unnoticed by diners, and it certainly won’t go unnoticed by health inspectors if it’s inappropriate.

What sort of flooring is best suited to restaurants? To begin with, it needs to be the type of flooring that is easy to clean, won’t absorb odors, and preferably, won’t stain easily. Some restaurants get away with a low pile carpet, however, these need to be cleaned on a regular basis, and carpet cleaning (as against simple vacuuming) is time consuming and expensive. You can also use vinyl or linoleum, however, these will scuff, split and crack with frequent use and will need replacing at frequent intervals. Natural stone and porcelain floor tiles avoid those issues whilst looking good and feeling good underfoot.

One of the big benefits of natural stone floor tiles (and porcelain tiles) is that they are very easy to keep clean. A good mop at the end of each day will remove all dirt and grime, and simple sponge on any spills will soon remove them. Modern natural stone tiles are treated, so they won’t absorb odors or stains and have a high water-resistance factor. Porcelain tiles have the best water-resistance factor and are also stain- and odor-resistant. If you intend being in business for long, natural stone and porcelain tiles also offer value for money – you won’t need to replace for many many years, if ever, and their long-term maintenance costs are also quite low.

If you’re considering your options for a restaurant floor, come and talk to one of the tile experts at Éco Dépôt. We are Montreal’s leading supplier of wall and floor tile for both residential and commercial use, including restaurants. Our tile experts will sit down with you and assess your needs, helping you select the right tile for your restaurant (or any other project).