How To Select Slate Floor Tiles

slate tileSlate is a popular choice for flooring because its fine-grained density gives it a waterproof and stain-resistant quality prized by many. It is fire-resistant, holds up to traffic, and has a natural variation that beautifully enhances many styles of decor. It needs to be installed properly (as should all flooring), but more importantly, it needs to be chosen carefully because it is cut from natural stone and will vary in character.

  • Your slate should be gauged, cut to the same thickness and size. This allows the floor to be easily installed in a uniform fashion. You don’t want your floor to be a tripping hazard!
  • Because slate is a natural stone tile, there will be variations of color depending on the chemicals present during formation. You should get all the tiles for your project plus some extra tiles for any future needs. This ensures the slate is from the same general location and will tend to blend. Slate tiles will not match perfectly; it is a good idea to make your selection with the help of one of our expert consultants to ensure your satisfaction. Most folks love the variations in their slate tile floor.
  • Higher quality slate will be consistent in length, width, and thickness with the result that your grout lines will be straight and consistent, too. Look for tile that has this important consistency throughout the entire shipment.
  • Expert advice and a reputable tiling dealer are the biggest factors in slate floor tile selection because poor quality tiles that are inconsistently gauged can often be found at the big box discount places. This will translate into a less-than-satisfactory flooring experience.

Éco Dépôt has been a source of high quality slate tile flooring for decades and can provide you with both expert advice and a slate tile floor that you will be pleased with.