How to Select The Right Bathroom Floor Tiles

Choosing the right bathroom floor tiles will prevent future problems.Tiles are one of the most practical materials for bathroom floors, but only if you select the right tile types. Bathrooms are generally areas that are exposed to a lot of moisture, and bare feet – the two often don’t go together. Moisture in itself can also be a problem.

When selecting bathroom floor tiles, you need to take those two factors into consideration. You also need to consider how much ventilation you have; for example, does your bathroom have extractors to remove steam and excess moisture in the air? If you don’t, you will need to consider whether or not you have the extra time required to deal with excess moisture – this is a factor to consider no matter what materials you use for a bathroom floor.

With that in mind, you need tiles that are non-slip, are not affected by moisture, and can withstand chemical or steam cleaning, particulalry if mold is a problem. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a good choice as are glass mosaic tiles.

If you have doubts as to which tiles are best suited for use on your bathroom floor, talk to a professional. Our highly trained experts can help you sort through our wide range of tiles. At Éco Dépôt, you’ll not only find tiles that are perfect for bathroom floors, you’ll also find a tile that matches your overall decor.

Whilst looking for tiles, you can also view our bathroom vanities to find one that will complement your tiles. We have a wide range of bathroom vanities to choose from, all ready to be installed in your new bathroom.