The Secret Weapon To Keep A Tile Floor Clean

granite tileEven if your flooring tile is made of enduring granite, the grit that shoes track in will act like sandpaper and slowly etch the surface. Granite tile is more durable than many others, but eventually it will show wear from the traffic of dirty shoes. It’s a good idea to keep that grit from coming into constant contact with your tile floor by using the lowly door mat.

Protect By Prevention

Commercial properties often will use entrance mats to collect the grit off the bottoms of shoes when folks walk across them. This is a practical alternative to asking everyone to remove their shoes at the door. Within about four steps, most of the abrasive matter is left on the mat, and the tile beyond is kept clean and free from scratching.

Most of the time, you will see an outdoor mat long enough for several steps, then an indoor mat about the same length to give the public’s soles a good chance to lose the dirt and debris from the street. Even with a granite tile floor, this dirt and debris would eventually cause an erosion of the surface, so preventing the problem is done with the use of door mats.

Some folks object to door mats, saying they collect dirt. This is exactly what the mat is supposed to do–collect the dirt and keep it out of the house! The secret to a good mat is the number of steps it takes to walk across it, so choose a mat long enough to do the job. Otherwise you will need to sweep the floor several times a day.

Choose The Best Tile For The Location

Even a poor-quality floor will last longer with the proper use of door mats, but the ideal solution is selecting the best tile for your entrance space and using coordinating mats to protect it by preventing the grit from coming into the house.

When you come to Éco Dépôt to choose granite tile for your home, you will be looking at the best granite tile flooring in Montreal. The use of granite on a floor that takes a lot of traffic will enhance the value of your home because granite lasts a lifetime, and more. The use of appropriate door mats will make your job easier in keeping it clean.