What’s The Right Outdoor Tile For Your Patio?

Great tiles well suited to outdoor tiling projectsAs summer approaches, many home owners are considering either a makeover of their patio or a brand new patio. Tiles are a good option for outdoor patios as there are many different tile types that handle weathering with ease. The question for many home renovators relates to finding the right outdoor tile for their project.

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. At least, not in a blog post like this. The right outdoor tile will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Weather conditions – Is the area subject to regular frost? How much direct sunlight will the tiled area will receive? And how much water are the tiles going to be subjected too?
  • Surface – The area where the tiles are going to be laid is also important. In many cases, you may need to do a lot of preparation work before installing tiles. If you have a concrete block, then laying outdoor floor tiles will be a lot easier – and your range will be much larger.
  • Maintenance – The type of tile used will also be dependent on how much time you can devote to maintenance. There is a wide range of tiles that are almost maintenance-free.
  • Personal choice – And, yes, finally, your personal choice is important. If you like slate tiles, then you can find slate tiles that are perfectly suited to outdoor use.

Which tile is best for your outdoor living area? The only way to answer this personally for you is by talking to you person-to-person. We can find out which tiles you like, the conditions the tiles will be subjected to, and the surface where you intend installing your tiles. From there, the outdoor tile experts at Éco Dépôt can show a range of tiles that meet your requirements. The choice of color and texture is then up to you – what you will know is that those tiles will be well suited to your outdoor living area, and if installed correctly, they will deliver many years of happy use.