Installing The Right Grade Of Commercial Floor Tiles

Commerical floor tiles need to be designed for commercial useFloor tiles are not created equally. There are some floor tiles that are quite soft and only suitable to light traffic areas. There are other floor tiles that are very hard and suitable for residential, commercial and even industrial flooring. Add to the mix factors such as water resistance, anti slip properties, and ongoing maintenance, and the choice can be difficult for those not experienced in floor tiles.

Choosing the wrong tile type can create problems over time, especially in commercial flooring. There are times when a business is forced to remove all of the tiles that have been installed because of those problems. This is an expensive and time consuming job.  One cause of floor problems is the use of floor tiles that are not suited to a commercial application.

You can alleviate most problems simply by talking to a floor tile expert. You probably consult a range of experts when remodeling your commercial premises, so a floor tile expert should be included on that list. The floor tile experts at Éco Dépôt are trained in all areas of floor tiling and can offer advice on which floor tiles are best suited to your situation. We can also provide advice on wall tiles, benchtops and backsplashes, and bathroom vanities in both a residential and commercial setting.

Before selecting a commercial floor tile for your next project, talk to us. Choosing the wrong type or grade of floor tile could create big problems in the future. Our aim is to ensure you select the right tile type for the environment it will be installed into – after all, our best advertisement is a happy customer with a finished floor that does everything required of it.