Has Your Retail Flooring Held Up To Holiday Traffic?

retail flooringThe holidays are shopping frenzies, combining crowds of shoppers with snow, salt, slush, grime, and more covering your floors when they track it in from the Quebec winter streets. How has your flooring held up? Is it time to assess a possible change?

Every retail establishment has an ambiance, the atmosphere they are seeking to infuse into every aspect of their store. The floor is the base of your efforts, so it is very important. The flooring material should be able to withstand the traffic of multiple shopping seasons with regular (but not excessive) maintenance. The surface needs to be able to handle the grit from the streets and sidewalks tracked in by shoes and boots. It would be good to have a finish that is less likely to be dangerous when wet.

But the practical considerations are balanced by the need for beauty. Your store’s floors can express the personality of your establishment along with the durability you need when you choose tile from Éco Dépôt Céramique. Commercial-grade floor tiles can be found in porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone for any decor imaginable. You can delineate walkways, accent zones, and more with touches of sparkling glass mosaic if you choose.

Whether your preferred ambiance is modern, classic, or exotic; our expert consultants can assist you in choosing the perfect tile flooring to replace the ravages of the winter shopping season. What’s more, the durability of tile ensures that this time you will not have to worry about replacing it again once it is properly installed and maintained.