Restaurant Tile Flooring – Functional, Hygienic And Easy To Work On

Granite tiles are perfect for commercial kitchens in restaurants.When we think of restaurants, most of us think of the front of house – the place where we sit down and eat. Back of house is much different. It is a hive of activity – it is where our food is being prepared and cooked, and despite best intentions, can often be a little messy. At the same time, we expect that area to be clean and hygienic.

Most restaurant kitchens contain stainless steel, glass, and tiles.  In the kitchen, your restaurant tile flooring needs to be resilient, able to stand up to heavy traffic, resistant to liquids and oils, and able to withstand commercial cleaning agents designed to maintain a hygienic work area. Some restaurants also use pressurized steam as a regular part of their cleaning routine.

There are many tiles that meet this criteria – in particular, ceramic, porcelain and granite. They are all hard wearing and will stand up to hard cleaning. If you are planning on a new restaurant, or looking to update an old restaurant, talk to a tile expert before finalizing your wall or floor tile options. They will ensure you are choosing from a range of tiles that will stand up to the rigors of a commercial kitchen.

Éco Dépôt has a wide range of tiles that are suitable for use as restaurant tile flooring. Our experts have over 40 years of experience working with both residential and commercial customers and their aim to help you achieve a perfect result in your restaurant, be it the kitchen or dining areas (or both). Check out our online showroom, then come and visit us in one of our three showrooms located in Quebec, Montreal and the South Shore.