Restaurant Flooring – The Seamless Transition To Outdoor Dining

Restaurant flooring outdoor diningThere was a trend several decades ago that saw restaurants taking over areas that were normally the domain of pedestrians – much to their chagrin. Today, the concept of outdoor dining is still alive and well, however, rather than taking over sidewalks, restaurants are now building dedicated outdoor dining areas. When you visit one of these restaurants, you have the choice between dining inside or outside.

Restaurant flooring becomes an issue in these situations. You need flooring material that is easy to clean, withstands weather extremes, yet looks and feels good. Decor is also important, so the transition from indoor to outdoor is important. In the past, the outdoor area was seen as a separate part of the restaurant, now it is seen as an extension of the restaurant, and the right restaurant flooring will help to achieve that effect.

Tiles are a great choice, if you select the right type. They work well inside, and the same tile can be used to affect outside – thus creating that seamless transition. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, easy to maintain, and weather well. Granite, marble and porcelain also work very well, and with the wide range of colors and finishes available, there is plenty to choose from to suit your overall decor.

When considering restaurant flooring, especially if you’re looking for an indoor-outdoor covering, talking to specialists can help you save a lot of time. Flooring experts can advise you on the types of tiles that are best suited to your requirements, how best to lay them, and to look after them.  The friendly staff at Éco Dépôt Céramique are there to help you make the right choice, and to provide friendly advice on everything flooring.