Restaurant Floor Tiles That Go The Distance

Stone a viable option for commercial kitchensRestaurants are busy places. In fact, for those who have never been into a restaurant’s kitchen, you would be suprised at how small it is, how many people are working there, and how busy it is. Everything in a commercial kitchen needs to have a durability factor. This includes bench tops, walls, and, most importantly, floors. These surfaces, because food is involved, also need to be easily cleaned to food preparation standards. This is one of the reasons why stainless steel is popular as bench tops and as splashbacks.

Wall and floor tiles are also popular as they are easily cleaned. Granite and porcelain tiles work well in any commercial kitchen, for a number of reasons. They are durable, easily cleaned, water- and stain-resistant, and come with finishes that are anti-slip. Slate is also a viable option, however, it doesn’t handle knocks well. Glass mosaic tiles have all the properties of glass, so they too are popular options, particularly as splashbacks.

If you are designing a new restaurant, or perhaps considering an update in an old restaurant, then advice from a tile expert could be invaluable. They can help choose from a range of tiles that will stand up to the rigors of a commercial kitchen, offer advice on how to install, and, most importantly, how to maintain those tiles to ensure they last for many years.

Éco Dépôt has a wide range of wall and floor tiles that are suitable for use in a commercial kitchen. Visit our online showroom, then come and visit us in one of our three showrooms located in Quebec, Montreal and the South Shore.