Restaurant Floor Tile Factors To Consider

Restaurant floor tiles that will last for decadesWhen designing a new or replacement restaurant floor, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. You need to consider these factors for each floor type if you want your restaurant floor to last a long period of time. Whilst visual appeal is important, practicality should be your number one priority. These days, you can find a wide range of suitable flooring options to suit your decor whilst providing long-term benefits to your bottom line. So what factors should you consider?

Traffic – how much traffic do you expect to receive in your restaurant, and is that traffic going to be confined to set areas – the more traffic, the harder wearing the flooring needs to be. If your traffic is going to use the same route all the time, then you need flooring that will not show up any worn paths.

Movement – you will also need to consider what movement there will be in terms of furniture. Will your dining tables be constantly on the move to cater for special functions? If so, there is the question of damage. You need a flooring that won’t be easily scratched or stained because of this movement, and staining can occur when furniture remains in the one place for a period of time.

Food – is food important? It sure is. Some foods can cause real problems to flooring. Wine and tomato-based products can quickly stain some tiles. Quality hard tiles like porcelain, granite and slate will withstand these products better than other flooring options.

We recommend talking to a restaurant floor tile expert before deciding on the type of flooring to use in your restaurant. We can help you assess each option based on those factors. That will then make the decision-making process much easier. In fact, the hardest decision then will be in selecting the right colors and textures to match your restaurant’s decor.