Residential Tiles For All Surfaces

residential floor for all surfacesFloor tiles are, as the name suggests, tiles that are used for flooring. That’s not their only use. Tiles can be used on walls, and I have even come across homes that have used tiles on the ceiling, the most common being around the perimeter of the ceiling. Tiles are used in bathrooms, including shower cubicles, and in kitchens as flooring, bench tops, walls or splashbacks.

Some tiles are more suited to certain areas of the home; for example, I would think carefully before using heavier tiles on the ceiling – there is always the risk of the tile pulling away and falling, however, that will depend on the surface that the tile is attached too. It is also worth noting that tiles do not have to completely cover a surface – wall tiles, for example, and can be used to frame an important area (often used in business to frame a logo),  or as part of the overall decor.

If you are careful, you can also mix and match tiles, especially outdoors. It is not unusual to see a path that runs through an entertainment area – using slate for the path and granite for the entertainment is a good example.

When considering tiles for your next project, be sure to talk to tile expert from Éco Dépôt Céramique. You can visit one of showrooms in person. Contact us by telephone or drop us an email.

Visiting a showroom is your best option as you can see the complete range of tiles and discuss your project in greater depth. Our aim is to ensure you select tiles that are best suited to your project – tiles that look good, will handle the environment, and are long lasting.