Residential Floor Tiles – It’s Amazing What A Difference Size Makes

Big tile - small tile - Size does matterWhen selecting floor tiles for your home, you’ll be surprised at the variety of tiles on offer. Of course, there are the different tile types – natural stone such as marble or granite; man-made stone such as ceramic and porcelain; and glass in the form of glass mosaic tiles. You can also choose from a wide range of textures and finishes – you can have a smooth shiny and glassy look, or you can have a rough unpolished look – and everything in between.

You prime interest, beyond tile type, will be color since you will want your floor tiles to blend in with your decor. Color is only one aspect of the home decor considerations. You will also need to consider light – glass mosaic reflects light very well; in a well lit room, it may reflect light too well. Another consideration is tile size, and it can be very important.

Large floor tiles are less busy, giving your floor a clean look. Small tiles can look very busy and be hard on the eye, especially in large rooms. The width of grout used between tiles is also important. Thin grout lines add to that smooth continuous clean look whilst broad grout lines tend to highlight each tile.  For large rooms, the best approach is to have large tiles with very thin grout lines. You can get away with smaller tiles in small rooms like bathrooms since you can compliment these tiles using wall tiles. You can also use a combination of small and large tiles if you really want to make a statement.

Before commencing a new flooring project, come and talk to the tile experts at Éco Dépôt. They can help you find the right tile for your project, including the right tile size. When it comes to residential tile flooring, size does make a big difference.