Remodel Your Kitchen With Modern Wall Tiles

Remodel your kitchen using wall tiles - you wont regret the finished resultTiles are common on kitchen and bathroom floors, on bathroom walls, and as backsplashes in kitchens. You can completely change the look of your kitchen by using modern wall tiles to a greater extent. You can also consider tiles as an option for countertops – together, they will create a stunning kitchen that looks clean and fresh whilst delivering a finish that is so durable, it may well outlive your home.

Modern man-made tiles are made to last. Porcelain tiles are amongst the hardest tiles available on the market. Their hardness makes them highly water-resistant and well-suited to wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, and this includes on walls. Granite is a popular choice when it comes to countertops, however, rather than paying a lot of money for a granite slab, you can get the same effect using granite tiles, then extend the effect onto the surrounding walls using wall tiles that complement your countertop.

There are a wide range of tile types to choose from, including natural stone tiles such as granite, marble and slate as well as manufactured tiles such as porcelain, ceramic and glass mosaic – the latter is an excellent choice for backsplashes and highlights. One of the great advantages of using wall tiles is the enormous range of colors and textures available. Whilst we use the word ‘modern’ wall tiles, that doesn’t mean they are all ‘modern’ in appearance. You can choose from many styles, including traditional, modern, deco, trendy, or best of all, your very own style.

The tile experts at Éco Dépôt can help you design your remodeled kitchen, including wall, floor and countertop tiles. Our primary aim is to ensure your finished kitchen meets or exceeds the finish you originally hoped for. Visit our online tile showroom to trigger that creative spark.