Ways To Reduce Noise In Your Restaurant

restaurant floor tilesHow many times have you sat in a restaurant and found it hard to talk to the person across the table from you because the noise level in the restaurant was so high? If you’ve been in that situation, then you understand how frustrating it can be. If you own a restaurant, you don’t want your customers to have that experience, so you should do what you can to reduce the noise.

Hospitality Magazine shares nine ways you can reduce restaurant noise. One of those ways is sound-absorbing ceiling tiles. Another is to use acoustic fabric-covered wall panels. Did you know you can also use acoustic tiles on your floors?

Acoustic floor tiles consist of an underlayment, usually, cork, foam, or shredded rubber.

Acoustic floor tiles are most often used to reduce noise caused by foot traffic, but it can also reduce other types of noise, such as the sound of chairs being pulled across the floor when customers rearrange your furniture.

Restaurant noise will prevent your customers from returning. You want your customers to have an overall positive experience, and if they can’t hear what’s being said from across the table, that will affect their overall perception of your establishment. Not only will they not return, but they’ll tell their friends. Your business deserves better than that.