Reduce Allergens With Tile In The Bedroom

ceramic bedroom tileThe same characteristics that make tile a good choice in other parts of the home can make tile the best choice for the bedroom of an allergy sufferer. Tile can be many colors and patterns, giving the room the exact look you love. A child’s room can have bright basic shapes or a cheerful solid. The master bedroom can be an oasis of cool hues or spa-like neutrals.

Breathe Easier With Tile Floors

One of the challenges allergy sufferers face is keeping dust from collecting in the room where they spend all night breathing as they sleep. Carpet becomes a real health hazard in these cases, because it is impossible to keep carpet from becoming a dust magnet.

Tile, on the other hand, has a hard surface that is easily cleaned and will not harbor any allergens afterward. It is inert, with no off-gassing to trigger asthma attacks. Tile is a perfect floor for those who must avoid exposure to allergens.

Concerns about the floor feeling cold can be addressed with radiant floor heating. This heating choice creates a comfortable warmth without blowing dusty air through a vent. Alternatively, a small rug for bare feet can be washed along with the linens to keep it fresh.

Find The Perfect Tile At Eco Depot

We carry the best tile selections in Montreal and have three area showrooms for your convenience. You will be able to find the perfect allergy-free flooring for the bedroom, along with many options that blend with your preferred decor.

Choosing to put tile on a bedroom floor will be a wise investment in the health of the allergy sufferer and aid in maintaining a healthy home environment.