The Reason Travertine Never Goes Out Of Style

travertine floor tile MontrealTravertine — often mistaken for marble — is an entirely different stone when examined carefully. Travertine has pockets and troughs created during formation by escaping gas and will vary in what those holes look like. “Filled” travertine has the pockets and troughs filled during sealing, and the finish can vary from smooth and shiny to dull and pebbly, depending on the way it was processed. Most travertine has a honed finish with a matte look.

This stone has been a popular choice of builders for thousands of years. The Colosseum in Rome is built primarily from travertine. More recently, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California has extensive use of travertine walls, floors, and moldings.  The look of this classic stone can be varied depending upon the size and number of the signature pockets and the cut of the tile, whether cross cut or vein cut. Each type of cut showcases a different aspect of the stone for a new look.

With extensive wear they can develop holes but those holes are part of the characteristic of travertine and considered patina. They are small air pockets opened up by the abrasion of traffic. The Colosseum has developed this type of patina on its travertine surface with no change to its beauty. That classic sense of style is the reason this stone continues to be a universally popular choice in public and private buildings.

When looking at the travertine tile flooring we offer, be sure to ask for examples of all the options. Some will be solid, some will be mottled, some will be veined, but all will be classic choices that give enduring value to your property.