Common Questions About Granite Floor Tiles

granite tileGranite is an igneous rock with a uniquely varied surface full of crystalline flecks and colors. It has a glossy depth when polished, but it can also be finished with the velvety matte that honing the stone produces. Other finishes are midway between the two. Flaming, brushed, leather, or satin might be perfect for your floor.

Why is granite so popular?

Granite is one of the most durable choices for a floor because it is so dense. It might need some sealant depending on the finish you choose, but your floor will last the life of the house once installed. It adds to your home’s value and can look appropriate in many types of architecture.

So, why don’t we see granite tile floors everywhere?

Granite costs a lot to install because the subfloor needs to be adequate and professionals are worth their fee since it is difficult to cut and install correctly. Many homeowners simply do not have the budget for this high-end flooring choice. However, the investment does pay off in value and beauty.

Isn’t granite slippery?

It used to be said that granite is slippery, but the newer finishes make this a concern only with the highly polished tiles. If you choose that look, consider the potential for “slippery when wet” accidents.

I thought granite was cold all the time, right?

It used to be said that granite is cold all the time. If you do not have radiant floor heating, this will still be true. Many folks use a few rugs where they want a comfy spot for their bare feet. If you want warmth in any hard surfaced floors, you will need to have a heating system that warms the floor.

That hard granite surface will cause problems, won’t it?

Some people find it difficult to stand on hard floors for long periods of time. A special mat designed for this purpose solves the problem in places where it is needed, like in front of the sink. Others say that their dishes break when dropped on a stone floor. This is something you will have to live with, because the strength of granite will win the contest.

Where do I find granite tile flooring in Montreal?

Each one of the Éco Dépôt showrooms will have a good selection of granite tiles and the trained advice you will appreciate when you come in to see the possibilities.