How To Find Good Quality Marble Floor Tiles

Marble tiles are not equal in qualityMarble floor tiles have traditionally been associated with the rich and famous, and whilst cost has been an important factor, it shouldn’t stop you considering it as an option for your home. The rich and famous have large homes so the installation of marble floor tiles would be expensive. Our homes are much smaller in comparison, and with marble floor tiles competitively priced, it is a very affordable floor tile for most people. What is important is to ensure you are getting good quality marble tiles. Like everything in life, there are good quality marble tiles and some fairly poor quality tiles. The following list will help you find good quality marble floor tiles for your home.

  • Buy from a reputable tile retailer. Reputable retailers have that reputation to protect so they will ensure they only stock quality floor tiles, and that any that are of lower quality are suitably marked.
  • Examine the floor tiles you intend buying. If the floor tiles you intend buying have a mesh backing, appear to have dull spots when looked at from an angle, or veining that goes all the way through to the back, then you may be looking at a poorer quality tile. Meshing is only used on tiles that are brittle; dull spots could be caused by ‘fill’ that is used to cover holes and fissures; and veining that goes all the way through could indicate weak spots where a tile could break.
  • Don’t rely on hardness factors. A tile’s hardness factor indicates how hard that tile is, obviously, however, a tile could have a good hardness factor yet be filled to cover weak spots. Look for marble floor tiles that have a good hardness factors and no fill.
  • Look at marble sources and gradings. Marble tile is not the same all over the world. Some regions are renown for high quality marble whilst others are known to have lesser quality stone. Each region brings a distinct type of marble – for example, marble from Thassos in Greece is very white in color whilst marble from other areas may have either green or pinkish veining and coloration. Thassos AAA marble is said to be amongst the best in the world.

Ultimately, if you buy your marble floor tiles from a reputable retailer like Éco Dépôt, then you are going to be well advised. You will know exactly what type of marble tile you are buying, where it came from, and what sort of quality it has.