Quality Imported Bathroom Vanites At An Affordable Price

Stylish twin basin imported bathroom vanityBathroom vanities are one of those fixtures in a home that often receives little thought on a day-to-day basis. You may only use that vanity two or three times a day, especially if you are away from the home each day. When you do use your bathroom vanity, it’s often only for a couple of minutes at a time. Whilst bathroom vanities are functional fixtures, they can also set the tone of a bathroom – it’s one of the first things that catches the eye when you enter.

Imported bathroom vanities are not just functional fixtures. They are more akin to stylish pieces of furniture. Available in a range of sizes from small to large; single basin or double basin; having either loads of storage space or simpler designs with limited storage space; and in a wide range of colors and finishes – there’s a bathroom vanity that will suit every bathroom design.

If you are having difficulty finding a bathroom vanity that suits your bathroom, then talk to one of our experts at Éco Dépôt.  They can help you fit out your bathroom, starting with your vanity, then finding matching wall and floor tiles, if necessary. If you have completed your floor and wall tiling, then bring in a sample of the tiles used, and bring the paint scheme, and we can help you find a vanity that adds that perfect final touch.

Vanities are not just functional fixtures. They are the center piece to any bathroom. Our imported bathroom vanities are practical yet stylish, and most importantly, well designed and well built. If you’re looking for a quality bathroom vanity at an affordable price, come and see us at one of our three Montreal showrooms.