The Pros And Cons Of Wall To Wall Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are durable and come in almost every color imaginableI recently had the pleasure of visiting a home that had floor tiles installed – wall to wall. Every room had floor tiles – not a scrap of carpet or vinyl anywhere in sight. The concept is not new, of course. Carpet is a relatively new invention, so floor tiles were the norm, especially in well-to-do homes. If they wanted an alternative, they used floor rugs.

So why did this family install wall-to-wall floor tiles? There were a number of reasons. This was a brand new home that had been built to their specifications. Their previous home had the traditional carpet in bedrooms and living rooms and floor tiles in the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms. Before selling their old home, they had to replace the carpets – they were just too old and worn and devalued the home. They spent thousands buying and installing that new carpet, and they decided it was not a process they wanted to repeat, hence the wall to wall floor tiles.

There are a few disadvantages to this idea. My thoughts went immediately to middle of winter when it’s freezing cold. Imagine getting out of your warm bed barefooted onto cold tiles – sure to wake you up. Their argument to this was two-fold – first, that’s what slippers are for, and secondly, they have floor rugs scattered in convenient places.

What about the advantages? There were many – they really couldn’t stop singing the praises. I suggested that decorating could be difficult. Their counter was that the contrary was true. The floor tiles were quite neutral in color and would fit in with most decors. More importantly, they loved the idea of floor rugs, and if they ever decided to change their decor, all they needed to do was change the floor rugs to match – not pull up the tiles, or carpets, if the room had been carpeted.

Floor tiles do have advantages. They are one of the most durable floor coverings. They are easy to clean – sweep daily and mop when required. You don’t need to employ someone to shampoo and clean your carpets – you can do the mopping yourself. And when it came to cost, admittedly they went for the more economical porcelain tiles, however, the final cost was on a par with good quality carpet with the benefit of little if any ongoing costs – for decades.

The overall look was great. In fact, the neutral tiles allowed the main decor to shine – the floor was secondary. If you like the idea of wall-to-wall floor tiles in your new home, come and talk to a tile expert at Éco Dépôt. We’ll help you find the right tiles at the right price – and remember, that’s virtually a one-off cost.