The Pros And Cons Of Slate Tile Color Variation

Slate tile comes with a wide color variationSlate tiles have been a popular choice in homes for many years. People often have a love-hate relation with slate tile – some absolutely love the finish whilst others hate the concept and the finish it provides. There are still others who have high hopes of a great slate tile floor only to find the finished result is not really what they were looking for.

Color is one of the biggest issues with slate tile. Because it is a tile that is cut from natural stone, each tile is going to look unique. However, tiles from the same batch will have similar colorings and patterns. When layed, slate tiles will not deliver a finish that is exactly the same color across the floor. If you are looking for a finish that is exactly the same, then porcelain or ceramic is your only choice. When you elect to have natural stone tiles are you are also electing to have a finish that has a lot of variations.

There are pros and cons to the color variations found in natural stone. On the pro side, your finished slate tile floor is going to be unique. On the con side, if you don’t buy enough tiles to begin with, and you need to buy more, there is a strong chance you won’t find any left from the same lot – you may have to settle for tiles that only closely match the ones already installed.

Color variation is everywhere, and this is very true when it comes to natural stone. Slate tiles are very attractive and deliver stunning results, more so if you use that color variation to your advantage. Interested in slate tiles? Come and see the range that we have available at Éco Dépôt.