The Pros And Cons Of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are not ‘natural stone’ tiles; rather, they are man-made tiles.  Whilst not ‘natural stone’, they are made from clay that has been compressed and fired to extremely high temperatures. The result is a very hard tile that can be used in almost every room of a home, either as a floor tile, wall tile, or counter/bench top.

All tiles have pros and cons. It’s by balancing the pros and cons against your overall requirements that you come up with the best tile options. The pros and cons of porcelain tiles include:

Pros – Porcelain tiles will not stain, scratch, burn or chip very easily. Because porcelain tiles are man-made, they do not require sealing or a special high maintenance routine to keep them looking good. You can use virtually any cleaning product on porcelain with little if any negative effects, however, the best cleaning option is often steam. Being man-made, porcelain can be produced in a huge range of colors and finishes.

Cons – There a few negatives to talk about when it comes to porcelain. Being one of the densest tiles, porcelain can be difficult to cut to exact size – a professional tile wet saw is one of the only ways to get a good cut. However, that hardness could be seen as a pro as well. For purests, porcelain can look ‘man-made’ and not natural, so if you really want a natural stone finish, look at granite or marble.

Whilst porcelain tiles are ‘man-made’, the range of colors and finishes do include imitation stones, and patterns that suit any design. Come and see us at Éco Dépôt to sample the latest in fashionable and functional porcelain tiles.