Pros And Cons Of Porcelain Tile Flooring

porcelain tile flooringPorcelain tile is one of the most versatile, durable materials that you can choose for the floor of a home or business. However, like any other building material there are pros and cons to porcelain.

Some of the advantages; the pros:

  • It can be made to mimic many other types of flooring, like stone or even wood.
  • It is very dense and thus waterproof, freeze-proof, and fireproof.
  • It is a perfect choice for radiant floor heating.
  • It resists scratching and staining.
  • Some porcelain tiles have edges that allow very thin grout lines, even butting.
  • It is easy to keep clean.

Some of the disadvantages; the cons:

  • Being hard, dishes can break when dropped.
  • Some people dislike standing on a hard, cold floor.
  • Most of the time a professional should install porcelain because it is trickier to cut the harder tiles.

As you can see, the cons are not all that hard to deal with. Professional installation over radiant floor heating and a mat in front of the work counter can take care of two of the potential issues. Dropping dishes, well, breakage may happen no matter what kind of floor you use. It will be easy to get every splinter of glass or pottery safely cleaned up with a hard surface like porcelain.

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