The Pros And Cons Of Marble Tile

marble floor tilesMarble is one of the most beautiful substances on the planet. That’s why many home owners, and businesses, like to use it as a floor tile. It can add incredible beauty to an otherwise normal dwelling. And if your home or office interior is already beautiful – or would be beautiful without the allure of marble tile – marble can enhance the natural beauty like nothing else.

The downside is, marble floor tile is expensive.

It’s beautiful, so it is worth the expense. Another downside to marble tile is that it can crack or stain easily. You have to be very careful with marble tile – as you lay it and after you lay it. Dropping dishes – particularly hard dishes like china and ceramic – can damage your marble floors, which is why they aren’t recommended for kitchens.

Marble floors make great entranceways, however. You can put a marble floor in your foyer where it will make a good impression on your guests. Or your conservatory where you go for peace and serenity through your musical gifts.

When you want your rooms to look luxurious, that’s when you want to use marble as a floor tile. We don’t recommend you lay it yourself. Seek the help of a professional. Our Eco Depot representatives can help.