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Have you ever walked into a room that immediately took your breath away? Chances are there was one decorative item that captured your attention more than anything else. For people all around the world who fall in love with medieval castles, Roman cathedrals and modern villas, that decorative item is often the stonework and tiling.

When designing and renovating a home, contractors and homeowners alike often turn to rugs and tapestry to make a statement. However, there are timeless and permanent solutions that are more subtle and sophisticated. Here are just some of the many ways mosaic and decorative tiles can be used to make a lasting statement:

  • Custom-built showers for spa-like bathroom designs
  • Customized countertops for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Flooring in indoor wet spaces, such as bathroom floors
  • Accent walls in living rooms, bedrooms or commercial spaces

Mosaic and decorative tiles serve functional purposes too. Because they hold up so well to moisture, they are often the material of choice for patios. Some homeowners even use them as stepping stones to create paths to key locations in their backyard, such as an outdoor seating area or the pool.

With mosaic and decorative tiles, the possibilities are truly endless and at Eco Depot Ceramic, we have dozens of colors, patterns and unique combinations for you to choose from.