Put Practical Tile To Use In Your Restaurant

Montreal restaurant tileTile has a lot of beauty, it is true. The many forms of tile display all the creativity of nature and manufacturing, giving the installer many looks to choose from. But all that beauty is only part of the benefit of tile, particularly in Montreal restaurants.

The winter and spring seasons mean the public tracks in all the slush, de-icers, and mud from outside along with the general grit of the outdoors. Your floor needs to be able to hold up to that abuse because you can’t ask the public to remove their shoes at the door! The proper choice of commercial grade tile flooring will keep all its original beauty with normal maintenance.

In a commercial kitchen, floors and walls must meet stringent sanitary standards for good reason. You have to pass regular inspections, maintain health rules, and easily clean your prep areas without creating slipping hazards or getting in the way of putting out orders as quickly and professionally as possible. Commercial grade tile flooring and walls has been designed for that purpose.

In Montreal, Éco Dépôt Céramique has decades of experience in providing local restaurants with the proper tile for their establishments. When you visit one of our showrooms to see the restaurant wall and floor tile we have on hand, you will see many beautiful options. But the real beauty of the tile we carry is the practicality it offers to your restaurant. What good is a beautiful floor if it doesn’t hold up to your customer’s traffic? Why would you want a pretty kitchen that you can’t keep clean according to regulations? Our tile is a practical, beautiful option for your Montreal restaurant.