The Practical Side of Porcelain

porcelain floor tileThe word “porcelain” brings to mind visions of fine china, fragile vintage dolls, and antique treasures. But it also is the word you’ll see associated with bathroom fixtures, sinks, and tiles. This is because porcelain has an intensely practical side.

The same fine clay that can create translucent vases can create sanitary surfaces because the particles are so fine they become a dense mass when fired. This density means that porcelain is inert, moisture resistant, and stable. Flooring made of porcelain tiles can look like many things, but the practical nature of the material ensures that the floor will resist staining and signs of wear, holding up to the rigors of a busy location.

Porcelain tile flooring can mimic more expensive surfaces like natural stone, marble, even wood. The manufacturing process ensures consistent pieces for installation and brings the project into the realm of an experienced do-it-yourselfer once the cutting techniques and proper tools are obtained. The result will be a high-end floor within your budget, one that looks the way you want it to look for years.

Porcelain’s longevity is an effect of the same density and hardness that make it so versatile. Once this clay is formed and fired, you have a permanent product that holds up to a lot of abuse. A forceful direct hit will break porcelain, but it takes a lot of weight to do damage to this durable material.

There are different grades of porcelain tile flooring and each one is suitable for specific locations. When you come to the Éco Dépôt showrooms, take a look at all the excellent tiles available. Tell the trained advisor where you are planning to install the tile and you will be able to choose the perfect porcelain tile for that project.