How To Add Character To Porcelain Tiled Bathrooms

Using alternative tiles to add characterPorcelain tiles have become some of the most popular tiles on the market today. In general, porcelain tiles are used more often than ceramic, mainly because of their hardness and water-resistant properties. Whilst porcelain tiles are available in a huge range of colors, textures and patterns, there is a certain sameness to a large area that is tiled using porcelain. Natural stone tiles are unique because they are created in nature. Porcelain, being man-made, is often made in large batches with each tile being identical.

Identical tiles are not a problem. In fact, many people want that same consistent pattern on their walls or floors, and whilst they can look great, you can add a new dimension and a lot of character to some areas using a range of techniques. Bathrooms are a good example. We tend to tile our bathrooms with the same tile  across the floor and up the walls. You can break this up by using much smaller tiles of different color.

One of the great things about any type of tiling project is your ability to be creative. As you can see in the above image, you can lay your tiles out in a pattern that suits you and your decor. In this image, porcelain tiles have been placed horizontally first, then vertically. The area between the two has been divided using a mosaic style. You can achieve the same effect on floors, particularly large floored areas.

With large floors, you can be creative. Use a mosaic finish to the edges, or perhaps break the floor up into squares or rectangles, for example, framing areas of  3×3 or 4×3 tiles using a different color smaller tile. This can add a lot of style to a tiled area, breaking the monotony of a single tile type.

If you’re interested in a different porcelain tile finish, talk to a tile expert. The experts at Éco Dépôt can sit down with you to design your wall or floor project. You may be able to lay the tiles out to see what sort of effect you can achieve – a little expert advice will certainly go a long way to achieving a successful project that you created.