Porcelain: The Versatile Tile

porcelain, the versatile floor tile Porcelain, more dense than ceramic due to the way it is made, is extra hard and sratch-resistant. It’s also a highly versatile tile that you can use practically anywhere.

Because it can fight moisture well and sustain heavy weight for long periods of time while enduring hot and cold temperatures, porcelain is a great material for tiling bathrooms and kitchens. That’s why you’ll often see toilets and bathtubs made of porcelain. It’s not just because you can paint them white and they look nice against your walls.

Porcelain really is a bathroom material.

But it’s versatile too. You can tile your floors with it, tile your walls with it, and use it as a backsplash for your vanity or kitchen sink. If you so desire, you can tile your patio with porcelain. There is an awful lot you can do with it.

Besides the many uses for porcelain, you can also use it to obscure the fact that it is porcelain. You can make porcelain look like other tile types – for instance, travertine, marble, or natural stone. Now, that’s versatility!

Porcelain is inexpensive for its level of resiliency. It lasts a long time no matter where you put it. And it looks nice. If you want a truly versatile tile that you can use anywhere and make to look like it’s not porcelain, then porcelain is the floor tile for you.